Who is the sexiest man alive? People magazine’s 27 year cover boy tells you

Each year, since 1985, People Magazine has presented one famous man with the prestigious title of ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’

It’s not all about looks; this guy’s soul has to be in check for him to win the crown, too. Donating to charity, campaigning for social causes, and starring in movies we didn’t hate are big pluses. Most times, we can all agree that the weekly’s inspired decisions represent the screen legends with whom we wouldn’t mind running off into the sunset ourselves. 2017’s pick, however, is raising eyebrows and questions alike.

1990, Tom Cruise

1991, Patrick Swayze

1995, Brad Pitt

1997, George Clooney

1998, Harrison Ford

1999, Richard Gere

2000, Brad Pitt

2001, Pierce Brosnan

2002, Ben Affleck

2003, Johnny Depp

2004, Jude Law

2005, Matthew McConaughey

2006, George Clooney

2007, Matt Demon

2008, Hugh Jackman

2009, Johnny Depp

2010, Ryan Reynolds

2011, Bradley Cooper

2012, Channing Tatum

2013, Adam Levine

2014, Chris Hemsworth

2015, David Beckham

2016, Dwayne Johnson

2017, Blake Shelton

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