15 movies that are better than the original. Have you ever seen it?

1,One Day

The film “One Day” was adapted from the novel of the same name by British writer David Nicholls. It was starred by Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. The film tells of the love of rich girls and smart girls of ordinary working families at first sight. However, after a short exchange, nothing happened between them, but they were destined to change each other’s life. A day’s meeting, a lifetime’s wait.

2,The Book Thief

The movie “The Book Thief” was adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by the Australian writer Markus Zusak. This is a story of using words to feed the human soul. The film narrates death, but it doesn’t feel terror. There is love and hope at all times in life. Life will not end here.

On the eve of World War II, the little girl Lisse, 9 years old, and her brother were forced to go to foster families in the outskirts of Munich. The 6-year-old brother unfortunately died on the road. After the lonely funeral, Liselle accidentally got her first book, The Grave Digger Manual. This will be one of 14 books that will bring her infinite comfort. This lonely child, his father was captured by the Nazis, and his mother subsequently disappeared. Under the guidance of adoptive father, she learned to read. Despite the hard life, she found something more difficult to resist than food – books. She couldn’t help but start stealing books. Lisse, the poor girl who was known by the dead as a “book-thief”, struggled to survive in the war-torn Germany and incrediblely helped those around him who were also suffering.

3,Dear John


The film “Dear John” was adapted from the novel of the same name by the American writer Nicholas Sparks.

The story tells the story of a woman from the United States Army Special Forces who was accidentally acquainted with the vacation when she was in her hometown. Savannah, the two women soon fell in love. When John became an adult, he rarely communicated with his father who was obsessed with collecting coins. Savannah was very friendly to John’s father. The vacation of the two people soon ended. John agreed that Savannah’s own service period would end one year later, after which the two would never be separated again. Overseas garrisons often camped in some remote areas. John could only make inquiries with Savannah through letters. Between those words full of affectionate words, both men and women were able to stay with each other. The 9/11 incident broke out. Faced with the length of service that John had to extend, the two people’s feelings were in crisis, but they quickly returned to good condition. When John returned to the army for a long time, he did not receive a letter from Savannah. In the uncomfortable pain of falling out of love, John was unfortunately wounded. At the moment before the coma, John thought that the father had collected those coins. A few years later, when John saw Savanna again, he discovered the secret behind the letter of separation…

4,The Prestige

The film was adapted from Christopher Prist’s novel of the same name. It can be called a magic feast of a movie. When two young people used various methods to prove that they were the chief magician of that era, the audience was already Inadvertently caught up in the wonderful idea that the director had long ago created, and the ultimate shock was the phrase ‘We chose to be fooled. ‘

The story tells about the emergence of two talented young magicians and two good friends, Robert Angel and Alfred Burden. The two people became irreconcilable opponents because of mutual suspicion. They used various methods to prove that they were the chief magician of that era. The two men moved in and out, once and for all, the fight was escalating dramatically, friendship and morality were left behind, and a bloody case was quietly brewing.

5,The Hunger Games

‘The Hunger Games’ is adapted from the novel by the American author Susan Collins. Recounted that North America was destroyed during a major war and people established new homes. However, new homes also have new policies. In the 12 districts under the jurisdiction, 24 men and 24 women must be selected to participate in the “Hunger Games.” “In the “Hunger Games”, not only must we fight against various beasts in the game, but we must also kill other players. The last one who survives can earn huge bonuses.

6,Winter’s Bone

The film is based on Daniel Woodrill’s novel of the same name, starring Jennifer Lawrence. A 17-year-old girl tells the story of the drug dealer’s father in order to complete the family. Faithful to the novel’s original movie is full of wild roughness and tenacity. The heroine is played by 20-year-old Jennifer Lawrence. With this film, she was voted the 10 most “breakthrough film and television actors” of the year by Entertainment Weekly. one. The film was also nominated for four nominations in the 2011 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

7,La leggenda del pianista sull’oceano

The movie is based on the theater text “1900: Monologue” by Alexandro Ballyco. The story of an abandoned baby named “1900” was linked to the piano on an ocean liner and became a legend of a piano master. This film is dedicated to those who always yearn for simplicity and distance from them. Innocence is their inherent property and will not change because of time.

8,Revolutionary Road

The ‘Road to Revolution’ is the second cooperation between Kate Winslet and old partner Leonardo DiCaprio following Titanic. The film was adapted from Richard Yates’s debut. Some people say that the film is like the life of Jack and Rose in the Titanic. It is a process of destroying once beautiful love and dreams.

The film tells the story of the 1950s when the whole world was immersed in the turmoil of economic recovery and ideological change after the Second World War. In the United States, people who have also experienced various tests from their lives and realities are undergoing ideological changes.

9,The Reader

The film was adapted from the novel “The Reader” created by Benhard Schlink in 1995. The film begins with a 21-year-old malformation love between men and women, but puts the love relationship between the hero and the protagonist in the context of the Nazi war criminals’ trial. Issues such as culpability, salvation, ethics, history, etc. occupy more of the audience’s attention. The film also allows the actress Kate Winslett to win the Academy Award for Best Actress. The actor David Klaus won the 59th Berlin International Film Festival European Glistening Star Award and the 62nd Cannes International Film Festival Chopin Award for Best New Performer Award.

The story tells of a period of forgotten love between a German boy Michaela of the 1950s and a middle-aged woman Hannah, but Hannah will not say farewell. Mishra later became a young lawyer. When she met Hanna again, she became a defendant who was tried for war crimes because she was acting as a concentration camp guard in the late war. Mischa knew that Hannah had always had a worse secret than her previous Nazi era. This secret was enough to overturn allegations against her. However, the momentary hesitation of Misha cast a lifelong regret for both of them.


The film was adapted from Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name. It tells the young boy Tristan who fell in love with the Victorian girl of the same village. One day they saw a comet, to please his girlfriend, Tristian promised to The stone was given to his girlfriend and he set foot on the journey to find meteorites. However, witches and mystery pirates also followed, and in order to make their respective forces more powerful, they all tried to capture the meteorite.

11,Love Letter

“Love Letter” is a Japanese pure love film written by Iwai Shunji and adapted from the same-name novel “Love Letter.” A love letter originally sent to heaven from a grief, but accidentally pulled out of the two Fujii tree’s pure first love, the truth after a long period of enthusiasm for a deep love. Elegance and euphemism often give people a shocking beauty. The special feature of the film is that the aesthetic concept of “sadness is beauttiful” is accurately interpreted.

12,The Notebook

“The Notebook” was adapted from the novel by the American novelist Nicholas Sparks. The story of a pair of childhood sweethearts reunited after the Second World War. This unforgettable story was revealed by a daily visit to the old man’s notebook in the sanatorium. As the story emerged, it was apparent that the bed was lying on the bed. The old lady in the story is the heroine in the story, and the storyteller is the one who proposes marriage.

13,Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story

The film is based on the personal biography of Liz Murray, the American “Miracle Girl.” Liz Murray was born in 1980 in the Bronx, New York City, and his parents used drugs. At the age of 15, Lisi was homeless. She spent four years in high school and studying on the street and spent two years in high school. She was admitted to Harvard with honors, and she was awarded the “New York Times First Class Scholarship.” Liz was also awarded the “White House Plan Model Award” and the “Fearlessness Award” specially presented by American talk show queen Oprah Winfrey, and was also received by former US President Clinton. In 2003, Liz’s story was put on the screen and the film received three nominations for the 55th Emmy.

14,The Lovely Bones

According to the adaptation of Alice Shepard’s best-selling novel of the same name, there was no sense of depression in the tragic events. The people still saw the bright hope and the warmth of the family.

The film tells that on December 6, 1973, on a snowy day, Susie, 14 years old, was tricked into a secret hut in a corn field on the way home from school and was brutally raped and killed. She is the latest victim in the series of serial killings. The murderer is her neighbor Harvey, a man who is not surprisingly fond of flowering. Little Susie came to heaven and had to accept the reality that she had died. She could only look at everything on the ground where “life is just a permanent yesterday.” Like the ghosts, Susie was watching his family and friends year after year. He watched the cold murderer with impunity, and even hoped to give the sheriff’s clues a clue. However, the deceased has been paralysed and his life continues.


The film was adapted from the novel of the same name written by Ian McEwan, who won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature. He described the misunderstanding between a pair of strange lovers during the Second World War by a 13-year-old girl. Tragedy love story. After the film was released, it won several awards such as the Best Golden Globe Award and the Best Film of the British Film Academy Award.

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