10 summer movies that must be seen in the summer

Today’s “list”, we want to take you back to the 10 summer movies, in order to understand the hot weather.

Whether it’s a direct sexy expression or a growing agitation, these 10 summer movies are willing to bring some different memories for you this summer.


The days of the insolation, the days of the rainstorm, the days of no beach holidays, the days of the pool party, the sofa in the sofa with the TV and air conditioner remote control over the summer, and then fantasize about the plot in the movie, pretending as real as the image.

And from those movies about beaches, swimsuits, youth, restlessness, and massive exposure, I want to bring you the following. May the beauty of those movies accompany you through the coming June, leaving behind memories and wonderful memories of the seasons. Cheyenne.

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)

Matt Damon, Judy Law, Gwyneth Patru, Kate Blanchett, Philip Seymour Hoffman… These names are all too fast now. At their best age, they contributed to such a movie, about passion and desire, flashy and evil. The complex love and hate between Matt Damon and Judy Law, the whitish clothes, and the Italy amanphi coast, which is one of the 50 places to go by the National Geographic magazine, define the passion and fantasy of the summer.

Hello, sad

Bonjour tristesse (1958)

Adapted from the same-name novel written by Francois Sagan at the age of 18, which took place in the Blue Coast region of French Riviera. The raging maiden and her father, who also lead the absurd life, may live in formal Before, due to the careful thinking of girls, unexpected reversal occurred. Whether or not the film restores the essence of the Sagang text, the blue waters and the bronzed skin have left people feeling relaxed and happy.

The Beach (2000)

Don’t think about how time has climbed over the issue of Oscar’s skin. After “Titanic”, the “Beach” that Xiao Li and Danny Boyle collaborated with was actually somewhat underestimated by the critics. Utopia’s fragmentation, the psychedelic youth, the story of another era on the road… The movie made Maya Bay in Phi Phi Don a popular attraction, but did we really understand the sadness hidden in the darkness of heaven?

The Graduate (1967)

In a sense, the “dashing” of the poolside pools of springtime hearts is just like the impetuousness of the summer, and the end of the future is not after the summer madness. The yearning for the harvest of autumn.

Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

If youth needs a runaway, it’s best happened in summer, and it’s best to happen in Wes Anderson’s movie. The night when the two children spent their time at the beach was so much like the memory we wanted to have during puberty.

Stealing Beauty (1996)

Prior to the Elven princess, Liv Tyler had perfectly shown his beauty in Bertolucci’s film. The young girl who came to the town, with a lazy and romantic character unique to summer, is just an accessory of youth.


Lolita (1962)

When each Lolita is wearing a two-piece swimwear, half up on the lawn and pull down the sunglasses to look at you. You will know that this summer will become hopeless again.


Atonement (2007)

This is a story from the beginning of the summer. The 13-year-old girl witnessed a secret and then found some clues. What she did not expect was that starting from here, she would change the fate of at least three people. Ian McEwan contributed the story. Keira Knightley, along with James McAvoy and Sirissa Ronan, contributed to the unknown sorrow of the summer.

The Blue Lagoon (1980)

There was a commentary on watercress. “Since the old man was killed, they basically didn’t wear clothes.” When Pocky Xiaosi was only 15 when he played this movie, he took up all the imagination about the island life.

Little white lie

Les petits mouchoirs (2010)

The annual beach house party, but this year’s holiday has become different because of a car accident. Whether the holidays are the best way to escape the worries, whether the lies can save the life that is losing, and Gyum Kamene, who is able to perform and lead, contributes to us more like a summer story that happens in reality, which is more pleasing to the eye. Intriguing.

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